Welcome to Twin Cities Natural Care Center

Thank you for visiting our website. Twin Cities Natural Care Center is a hub of Natural Health Care where you can find many specialties to address your health care concerns. We are a facility that can serve your individual needs. You can contact any of our specialty providers by navigating the above tabs. If you are not sure who to see, visit our Contact page above to connect with our Owner and Administrator, Kerstin Schulz. Kerstin has a life long passion for Natural Health Care options and solutions. The community of Osseo has additional resource professionals that work cooperatively, while not necessarily being in our flagship location in lovely downtown Osseo. Osseo is a community located with easy access for all of our clients in the NW Minneapolis-St. Paul suburbs.

We are skilled in many disciplines from Chiropractic, Trauma Recovery after Auto Collisions, Work Place Injuries, Sports Medicine/Rehabilitation, Naturopathy and other Bodywork options.

We are always looking to increase options for patients and are currently recruiting additional professionals in the Massage Therapy and Acupuncture disciplines. We are also always interested in additional Clinical Site Options and helping people be all they can be!